Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Best buys for the season

best buys for this season.

Have you ever wondered what the best buys of the season actually are.Well it's always the reason why we shop around.To be far the best buys for the season is an individual thing.The most important issue is to look in your wardrobe before you go shopping.Find the pieces that you have had most wear out of and ask yourself why?

Think about the new fashion accessories that are up most in your mind to repace or develop.When you are out shopping consider the main themes in each store and consider the stories and themes that most suit you,try to reach out and go out of your comfort zone a bit.This is how you can move and develop your style.Asking fashion store sales people about the most popular and directional fashion items for the season is always a great way

to find out whats in fashion.Most of all enjoy yourself take a coffee break and mull over what you have seen and then ask yourself whats it going to go with within your wardrobe and try and build a story of different colours to make dressing easier and without stress.

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