Thursday, 29 May 2014

natures Armour

Natures Armour is the starting point to my next project. I hope to challenge different concepts and uses of the words "Natures Armour" . Looking at the landscape and the natural world and looking at textures and natural pattern repeats and colour combinations.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Stella And Dot Autumn Range

The new range includes bags , purses , ipad and phone cases. Want to join an accessories Stylist team. In box me for more information.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Join the Stella and Dot Dream

For a limited period only , Stella and Dot are giving an extra two samples away if you join there sales team. The cost of the smallest business in a box set up pack is £169.00. It includes £300 in jewellery , brochures, order forms, advertising stands and an on line website. Being part of this fast growing designer boutique company is rewarding and gives you the flexibility to earn. On the go and when it fits into your schedule. Basically it's a self employment role with great direct delivery options and returns to give customers excellent service.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013


Fashion news across the world is linking within a number of forecast fashion business's for the trade industry. Vogue magazine being one of the most iconic of all the well known publications. Vogue have runway catwalk shows of all the main designer lead companies. There online website is fantastic . Check out the link below and link to all the new trends to create a fab wardrobe for

Sunday, 30 September 2012

Stella and Dot

Beautiful glorious fashion jewellery, made by bespoke artisan jewellers.

Friday, 1 June 2012

Check out my new AVON eBrochure!

Check out my new AVON eBrochure!: Hi Everyone! Here's a sneak peak at some of the latest products available in my Avon eBrochure. Be sure to click

Organic fashion press release. A fashion blog that explores the ever growing fashion trend of eco conscious fashion.A way to become more sustainable for the world to grow without destruction.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Paris is the Fashion Capital of the World – Famous Boutiques of Paris – CHLOE CHANEL

Paris is the Fashion Capital of the World

Paris, France is the city where fashion is born. If you are a woman who appreciates high fashion and designer labels, Paris is the ideal place to shop. Its wide variety of luxury boutiques from top named designers combined with its reputation for having an uber stylish population makes Paris, France the mecca for finding the perfect fresh off the runway look.

One designer that has a boutique in paris is CHLOE. CHLOE has been a creater of haute couture since 1952, when it was founded by designer Gaby Aghion. In 1971, the first CHLOE boutiqe was opened in Paris, and although it has locations in many other cities throughout the world, its Paris boutiqe is the headquarters. CHLOE was one of the symbolic brands of the 70′s, and even still today, it is a brand that is synonymous with high style and it is a coveted brand by many fashionistas. CHLOE has an ever evolving list of designers that make their start with the house before making a name for themselves. Designers like Karl Lagerfeld and Stella McCartney began their careers in fashion with CHLOE, and it is a brand that has many celebrity clients. The Paddington Bag, which was released in 2002, was considered to be the first “it" bag, and it started a trend over bags that still goes on 10 years later. CHLOE designs soft and feminine clothing that will make every fashionista feel pretty.

Chanel Headquarters, Place Vendôme, Paris.

When you think about Paris and fashion, who could forget about CHANEL? The brand CHANEL just screams high class style. From its quilted CHANEL logo bags, to its No. 5 perfume, CHANEL is a luxury brand that is bursting with sophistication. It is a brand that is full of elegance and class, and any fashionista knows that having an item from CHANEL is a must have for every stylish wardrobe. CHANEL was first launched by a designer named Gabrielle “Coco" Chanel in 1909, and over 100 years later, the CHANEL brand is still one of the most popular high fashion brands in the world. If you’re on that dream shopping trip to Paris, the CHANEL boutique is one of the first places you must visit.

Paris is a city that is full of rich culture, and an iconic fashion scene. If you are a woman who always carries the latest “it" bag, and fashion magazines are your bible, you need to experience shopping in the famous boutiques of Paris. Well known designers like CHLOE, CHANEL, and many, many others have boutiques where you can find looks that are fresh off the runway, and shopping in Paris will give you exposure to new looks that most people in other parts of the world haven’t even seen yet. If you are serious about fashion, then you must shop in some of the fine luxury boutiqes in Paris, France.

Paris France contains all information about Paris Hotels and Cheap Paris Hotels, more read about Paris Hotel Reservations, Reviews and Feedback, compare rates and locate hotels by district and monuments.

Friday, 8 July 2011

Feathery Fashion

Fashion feathery jewellery

Feather Jewelry, The Latest Summer Fashion Trend

Author: Wendy Hicks
Feather Jewelry, The Latest Summer Fashion Trend

For Summer 2011, jewelry collections now come with pieces belonging from a line dedicated to feather themes. The selection includes necklaces, bracelets, collars, pins, belts, earrings and handbags, all made with feathers.

Nowadays, feathers can be seen on anything. When it comes to popular trendy jewelry, feather earrings tops the list. Celebrities just love wearing feather earrings because they add volume and interest to their overall look.

Hollywood celebrities are always introducing the latest fashion trends in the fashion world. This season, feathers is one of most popular celebrity fashion trend. That’s right FEATHERS is the fashion trend this year. From the runway to red carpet, to the streets, feather fashion trend is is becoming very popular.

There is something so magical about feathers:

Feathers and Native Americans:

Feathers mean a lot to Native American Tribes. A feather isn’t just something that falls out of a bird, it means much more. The feather symbolizes trust, honor, strength, wisdom, power, freedom and many more things. To be given one of these is to be hand picked out of the rest of the men in the tribe - it’s like getting a gift from a high official.

If any Indian is given Golden or Bald Eagle feathers it is one of the most rewarding items they can ever be handed. The Indians believe that eagles have a special connection with the heavens since they fly so close. Many Indians believe that if they are given this feather, it is a symbol from above. They believe that the eagle is the leader of all birds, because it flies as high as it does and sees better than all the birds.

Once an Indian receives a feather he must take care of it, and many will hang it up in their homes. It is disrespectful to hide it away in a drawer or a closet

. An Indian will be given a feather to hold on to or to wear, and if they hold it they must put it out for everyone to see. This will be a constant reminder of how to behave. An eagle feather is a lot like the American flag, it must be handled with care and can never be dropped on the ground.

Feather jewelry is usually made with the most exciting colors that really add a bit of luxury to any outfit. These are nature inspired jewelry pieces that offer bohemian inspired looks that are totally in this season.

These jewelry pieces are very light, and come in a variety of colors from very bright to fine neutral tones..

Feather earrings, necklaces come in teal blue, hot pink, emerald and indigo colors are dramatic when worn with your favorite outfits. These pieces come in short as well as long but most people prefer wearing super long earrings for a unique and dramatic effect. If you want to enhance your appearance then wear big feather earrings with your favorite fashionable outfits.

Big feather earrings can help you emphasize your facial features and hairstyles. Those who like to be center of attention will definitely love this jewelry.

Get ready this season to flaunt your stuff with some hot styles of feather earrings or necklaces that will enhance your natural beauty and help you standout in the crowd.

Wendy Hicks, Fashion Consultant and Chief Creative Officer for The Pretty Things Consultant company.. She is a known fashion consultant who works with clients to enhance their professional image and personal brand. Her clients look to her as an image and fashion advisor, wardrobe planner,and personal stylist.

Her fashion advice and expertise is sort after by fashion shows and events coordinators throughout the country. With a eye for Chic fashion, she is now bringing you her Classic jewelry and handbag Collection on line, Check out my Fashion news blog at: also our website at:

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Neutrals are a great colourway to wear for the begining of spring check out the new trends .

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Best buys for the season

best buys for this season.

Have you ever wondered what the best buys of the season actually are.Well it's always the reason why we shop around.To be far the best buys for the season is an individual thing.The most important issue is to look in your wardrobe before you go shopping.Find the pieces that you have had most wear out of and ask yourself why?

Think about the new fashion accessories that are up most in your mind to repace or develop.When you are out shopping consider the main themes in each store and consider the stories and themes that most suit you,try to reach out and go out of your comfort zone a bit.This is how you can move and develop your style.Asking fashion store sales people about the most popular and directional fashion items for the season is always a great way

to find out whats in fashion.Most of all enjoy yourself take a coffee break and mull over what you have seen and then ask yourself whats it going to go with within your wardrobe and try and build a story of different colours to make dressing easier and without stress.

Thursday, 13 January 2011

In todays fashion world visual images of fashion illustrations are the means of communication for every designer.It is fundemately important to interperate the right images.I have been developing fashion illustration for some time and enjoy the different interpretations available to me.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Asymetrical Cardigan Coat. beautiful asymetrical femmine long knit coat with a geargian style neckline and 3/4 short bell sleeve.This coat wraps around and ties or can be worn loose.It is made from pure new wool and is a navy with a fleck running through it.The size of the sample is med/large.It is available in a number of colours and sizes.Please convo me at the top of the page for more details.It can be worn as a knit dress as well as a long cardigan over dresses or trousers.

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Eco Fashion trends

Eco-Friendly Fashion Trends 2010

Author: Lisa Seth

Eco-friendly fashion is a hot trend. And you don’t have to sacrifice style or pay an arm and a leg to get eco-friendly trendy clothes. In this article we will talk about what is eco-friendly fashion, some eco-friendly fashion trends and designers that are offering stylish and affordable eco-friendly fashion clothing.

Different people define eco-friendly fashion differently but some of the key elements to eco-friendly fashion are materials and processes used by designers and manufacturers that are friendly to you and the earth. This may include materials such as organic cotton, bamboo, flax and hemp, among others that are biodegradable. Or use of processes that are organically safe and eco-friendly. For example, organic cotton production processes do not use pesticides that can harm your health or the planet’s health. Eco-friendly fashion trends also include packaging that is eco-friendly.

The benefits of eco-friendly fashion are not only long term value to the environment but it could have short-term health value to the user. Conventional clothing dyes and garment finishes can cause a wide variety of health problems from skin rashes, headaches, nausea and fatigue. Symptoms could include red cheeks and ears, dark circles under the eye and learning or behavior problems.

What’s hot in eco-friendly fashion? Use of eco-friendly silk, organic cotton and bamboo is hot. Although what gets branded as organic and ethical for silk depends on the type of silkworm used, and whether the silk-worm is killed as a by-product of the harvesting. Increasingly eco-friendly fashion designers are using natural color cottons, wools and other material to create outfits or vegetable dyes that are safer to make and use. Bamboo organic fabric is becoming quite trendy. Clothing made of bamboo organic fibers are robust and durable as denim even as it is soft and smooth as fine silk. Bamboo organic clothing can provide other benefits such as removing moisture and bacteria from the skin.

Talking about eco-friendly designers, Shubrah Designs at is solely focused on eco-friendly fashions. Designer Shubhra Chandra seeks to blend east and west seamlessly into a trendy line of casual tees and evening looks. She believes in natural fabrics and responsible and sustainable business practices.

Natalie Portman has teamed up with Tony Shoe Line to create designer shoes made of alternative materials. As she says, “This collection offers a great selection without compromising quality or style”. Stella McCartney has created a collection called “Green Collection” using only organic materials. She also tries to use eco-friendly material and processes throughout her various collections.

All-in-all, eco-friendly fashion trends are becoming more mainstream with each passing day. Countless haute couture designers are already successfully incorporating eco-friendly designs into their catwalk shows and my bet is that this trend is here to stay.

To know more about various eco-friendly designers, please search for eco friendly fashion online! You can find more details on Shubrah Designs at and you can read her blog at

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Thursday, 24 June 2010

Alexander Mc Queen Spring 2010 fashion show

Alexander Mc queens underwater alien collection is an astonishing blend of contemporary mixed with Elizabethan style.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Alexander Mc Queen Illustrations.

Alexander's illustrations capture the desire for beauty and elegance of which is collections evoke. His use of CAD shows an advance knowledge of which one could say are Art in there own right.

Alexander Mc Queen

Alexander Mc Queen is undoubtedly one of the most popular contemporary couture designer of this century and the last.Recently passing away after his mothers death.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Karen Millen.

Karen Millen Clothing

Karen Millen Clothing is Fashion at its Edgy Best

Author: M Paul

Karen Millen Clothing has been making a splash on walkways and in stores for years, as one of the established leaders in the women’s clothing industry. Her full lines of very fashionable, fun clothing offer something for everyone, and will outfit any woman from head to toe, with accessories included. The dresses collection for this year is as unique as ever. It features chic styles ranging from stunning attire that will light up the room on any important occasion, to light, breezy dresses that will help any gal look her best on an informal outing with friends or a date to an outdoor café. Go semi-formal with the Signature Colourblock dress or the one shoulder ruffle dress. More relaxed favorites include the Graphic Bandage dress and the Kaleidoscope dress in several colors.

Trousers and jeans clothing collections take both classy and casual approaches to every day wear, with a full complement of sizes and styles in many dynamic colors. When you want to take it up a notch, skirts from Karen Millen are a great clothing choice. They are versatile and can help you achieve any look you desire when you select the right top to accompany it. Skirts for business produce a professional look, while printed cotton skirts should be a central part of any warmer weather wardrobe. Speaking of summer clothing, the swimsuit collection is just what you would expect from a top designer. Good looking fashions and a variety of coverage styles let you choose your look, and get the looks you want. Bright, bold, and colorful suits like the Butterfly Hipster give you two options for tops, either the Butterfly Statement Triangle or the Plunge.

Focusing on clothing for the top half, the emphasis this season is on cool, comfortable and very modish. The layered silk camisole is very hot, available in a selection of eye-catching tones. The Knotted T-shirt sports a striking color and a variety of colors to fit you to a Tee. Many of these tops and other items can be found in the various Karen Millen clothing collections that will let you select compatible clothing items to mix and match for the right combination every time.

It isn’t just trendy clothing that Karen Millen brings to the showroom. Great bags and other accessories make the outfit complete. Belts, jewelry, sunglasses and some very extraordinary watches help you customize your fashion style with quality products that are anything but commonplace.

Huge savings on Karen Millen dresses for the day and evening.  Visit

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Friday, 9 April 2010

Catwalk trends

Mens current fashion trends 2010

Latest Menswear Fashion Trends 2010

Author: Patric

Adones is a Greek god well known for being extremely good looking. Now which man doesn’t want to be as good looking as a Greek God? The good news is that every man can look handsome with the right close and a good hair style. Although it is not difficult, it is very important to take advice from the right people. Men Fashion Trends 2010 can be complicated which is exactly why Adones is here to help you understand and learn about fashion the easy way.

Fashion Information is the answer to all your worries as it has everything you need to know about the Menswear Fashion Trends 2010. You will see pictures demonstrating how even brand is doing and how a new fashion trend is doing in the market. You can avoid a lot of fashion mistakes just by taking a look at the campaigns in the site.


From what you should wear to how you should accessories, you will get all the fashion tips with us. Anybody interested in knowing the inside stories of different popular fashion brands can use this site as a source of all information. You can also subscribe to the newsletter or keep yourself updated with the posts and comments. It is no longer hard to find all the information about the Latest Fashion Trends 2010 at one place.

We Help You With Travel

In addition to all this, you will also find travel information about Dubai and the hotels are recommended for different target audiences. Men Fashion Trends 2010 is all about wearing the right colors and the right cuts. If you follow the advice, you can’t go wrong. If you are good with learning from pictures, the site will teach you exactly what to do to fit in with the fashion conscious. In our website, you will also find interviews of people who have made their presence felt in the fashion world.

Get Noticed

For the latest fashion trends 2010, visit us regularly and stay up to date with the latest fashion. But that is not the only thing we do. Looking for new talents ranks very high with us. If there is anybody out there who can add to the fashion industry, we are happy to help them get some exposure and make an impact in the industry. Come to us for everything related to fashion, from business to trends to outfits and interviews.

About the Author:
Patric is an expert author, who is presently working on the site Latest Menswear Fashion Trends 2010 .He has written many articles in various topics. For more information about Current Menswear Trends, Menswear Fashion Trends 2010. Visit our site

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Saturday, 3 April 2010


Mens fashion trends for 2010.

Mens Clothing Fashion Trends for 2010

Author: Louis B Jones

So we’ve all finally made it through to the New Year 2010. This is a great time to clean out your wardrobe and chuck out all the horrid fashion catastrophes you thought were trendy once upon a time. Men are just as guilty as the women for hoarding things in the back of their closets with the hopes that they’ll come back into style. So get rid of those eye sores and make way for some new men’s clothing. Make it your New Year resolution if you wish, to wear trendy and sensible mens clothing. This will give you an idea of good mens clothing purchases to make that will never go out of style.

Hoodies are one of the most comfortable and worthy items of Mens clothing you can buy. Hoodies never go out of fashion and are the perfect trendy thing to wear over any outfit. When it’s too warm to wear a jacket but too cold for just a tshirt, a hoody is what you should wear before heading out the door. You can never have too many hoodies in your wardrobe. Navy blue, green, and orange are trendy hoody colors to go for.  

Polo shirts are great mens clothing items that complete your wardrobe. The collar gives the hint of a formal look to your otherwise casual wear. Polo shirts are perfect for wearing on jeans or any other trousers you like. When the weather gets warmer you can wear your polo shirts on cargo shorts. Polo shirts can also be worn for sports activities such as golf and tennis. Polo shirts are one of the most versatile items of mens clothing you can own. Fashion predictions suggest choosing blacks, blues and yellows for buying polo shirts.

It is recommended that you should buy a new pair of jeans every year. It’s like building a collection. Jeans can last for years and years so you are definitely getting your money’s worth. You can choose from a variety of styles and colors. Jeans are suitable to be worn with a variety of mens clothing such as polo shirts, tshirts, hoodies, and more. Stone washed, screen printed, embroidered, loose fit, regular fit and double waist banded are just some of the styles available. Jeans are one of the mens clothing items you can’t possibly go wrong with.

After reading this you should have a better idea of the essential mens clothing you should include in your wardrobe. The items of mens clothing discussed are not the only items you should include in your wardrobe but definitely some of the most important ones. There is an endless variety of mens clothing available to suit your personal style and taste. Take the time to invest in Mens clothing that never go out of style. It is a good idea to stick to one style and buy your mens clothing accordingly. Sometimes too many different styles combined together can be very disastrous. Browsing for mens clothing online will also give you a clear idea of what items to purchase.

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